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Instructive videos – Studio Casa appliances

Web Effective video productions also include the creation of video materials for the presentation of how to use the various products.
Creating explainer videos for products is a good way to promote products. Furthermore, explainer video productions help engage customers by connecting with them even after they have already purchased the product.

The main advantage of this type of material is the possibility of a detailed description of the product, its particularities and the exemplification in a visual context of all the elements of the product and the accessories.

Producing explainer videos helps grow social media channels because it’s content that generates engagement by comments, questions and examples from customers’ own experiences. A community of product users is therefore developing and it will be easier in the future to expose new products. In addition, users become familiar with products more quickly and easily by being presented to them during operation.

Such video productions are suitable for household appliances, electronics, yard and garden appliances and much more.

For Studio Casa we made a series of such productions, for the vacuum cleaners and coffee machines on offer.