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professional photography and 3D visualisations

Product photography

A successful product photography “speaks” about the product. Actually, the main purpose of a product shooting session is visual communication, it is about showcasing certain features of your products. Image quality is very much important, but also the environment, the setting in which the product is photographed. We will shoot your products such as personal care products, jewellery, footwear, clothes, food and plating for restaurants, cafes and many other customers. We will go the extra mile to avoid classic templates and showcase your products by means of memorable and outstanding photographs.

Thematic photo shooting sessions

Photo shooting for thematic advertising are the most creative activity in Web Efektiv’s portfolio. Our portfolio covers the shooting sessions that we organise in order to make a certain feature of the promoted product stand out. We often use digital graphics and various composition techniques in order to support or even enhance the impact. Web Efektiv’s thematic shootings will support your visual communication by enhancing the brand awareness and the brand recognition.

Events photography services

We can supply complete event photography services for the brand activation. Once event photos have been taken, we deliver the materials that are necessary for the pre-event and post-event promotional campaigns, in either digital or printed format. We do have the necessary know-how and the right team to deliver photographs that can best illustrate the atmosphere of the event and also the presented products.

Corporate photo shooting sessions

The team represents you! In the age of computers and digital communication, it is at least beneficial to brand communication to succeed in bringing the focus on the persons behind the products or services. We organise photo shooting sessions to present your team and to grow your customers’ confidence in your business. Corporate photos make a proper source for communication via social media, blogs or website posts, and also for the printed brochures.

3D visualisation and rendering

3D renderings are extremely effective especially for products and for visually exposing subjects that are difficult to photograph.

3D renderings and visualizations bring added value visually, especially for the presentation of products in the industrial, medical or technological fields.

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