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Branding and graphic design

Brand identity

Web Efektiv will build your full brand identity. Starting from the concepts that define your brand, we design your logo and prepare your visual identity manual. We can provide graphic design services for all productions that are necessary to building a complete brand image, i.e. we will create your logo, design your business cards, your handout folders, your advertising flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, street banners/billboards.

UI / UX design

Almost everything we do involves graphic design. We attach a great deal of attention to a brand’s visual consistency and especially to its graphic design. For an effective visual communication, the graphic art needs to be implemented constituently throughout the website, video productions and print productions. We can handle the graphic design for your website’s layout, and also the graphics that we will need to include in your digital applications, videos and printed material. We are very careful about the Ui / Ux (User Interaction and User Experience) processes so that all of our productions can be user-friendly.

Packaging design

Make your products stand out with our professional packaging design capabilities. Designing the packaging for a product comes with the challenge of implementing the visual identity of the brand in the appearance of the packaging. Our input will give you a competitive edge and we will create the right design for your product so that customers see trust, good quality and value when they look at it. Not lastly, design is supposed to make a product stand out when placed on a shelf, so we focus a lot on colours and graphics.

Exhibition stand design

We create the graphic design for exhibition stands, and also the necessary promotional materials that can be distributed in fairs and exhibitions, such as company presentation brochures, advertising flyers, product catalogues. If you want your brand to communicate more efficiently during the events, we can produce presentation videos or graphic animations that can be displayed in your stand.

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