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Video and animation

Product presentation videos

The accelerated development of the video productions has of course begotten a number of new trends in this particular line of work. More specifically, one of these new trends is to replace product photos with brief video productions that present the products. So, our service portfolio includes shooting and editing videos that showcase your products. This is how you can enjoy the benefits of the video productions which are more dynamic, more attractive and more persuasive.

Events filming

Organising events or participating in events will always help brand communication. The presence of a company in an event or the fact that a company organises an event must be covered by pre- and post-event promotional video productions. We will shoot your events and edit your videos professionally so that you can make the most out of any event.

2D and 3D graphic animation

Graphic animations are spectacular and efficient. Graphic animations will help you present dynamically and expressively content elements that cannot be filmed or photographed for various reasons. Animated video productions are extremely useful if you work in a technical field and we need to explain some working processes, production procedures, assembly, packing or transport procedures. We create graphic animations that describe medical or stomatology procedures, animated infographics, animated presentations of corporate services or track records, animated maps, industrial technical processes.

Animated explainer videos

You often need to tell a story in order to communicate about your services or products. A story that can showcase whatever you’re doing best, a story explaining how your products work or a story that can explain your vision or your development plan. We also create animated explanatory videos to present products or services that will be launched, in which case the visual communication using this sort of production is the only available option. The know-how that Web Efektiv has developed with the 2D and 3D graphic animation productions helps us produce animated explanatory videos in order to take your brand communication to the next level.

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