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Website Danone Romania

WebEfektiv creates the new website danone.ro, the company’s main website, which centralizes the entire communication of the Danone brand in Romania.

The new website represents the digital image of the company and communicates about Danone products, about the company’s history, the current vision and mission for the future, as well as about social involvement.

We got involved in this creative project and redesigned the entire communication and visual structure using the Danone visual identity at the group level. The website integrates a set of interactivity elements that helps the digital interraction and facilitates the workflow of Danone team.  We created the website with a customized design, perfectly aligned with the visual guidelines of the Danone group. In creating the layout, we emphasized a clear structure, so that the Danone brand communicates coherently in all directions: vision, social campaigns, products, sub-brands, history.

For complete communication, the new Danone website presents, including on the front page, the newest sustainability and marketing campaigns, contests or brand-related news.