The exposure of your business in the online environment has become a must. It is of utmost importance to exist and operate in this dynamic environment. In order to stand out from among the myriads of existing websites, your new website must have a high profile strategy, design and structure. We know branding must perform well and must express your identity. This is the reason why we tailor it to suit each and every business.

We create a unique design for your new website, customized according to the type of activity you perform and, of course, we provide you with the necessary assistance in order to break down barriers and to eliminate commonplace and unoriginal ways of expression. Starting from an inspired brief, we establish an efficient communication strategy that we implement in all the advertising environments.

We build your online identity using a contemporary, impacting look, which has originality at its core and we launch highly functional platforms for presentation websites, online shops or blogs. We support you through various productions implemented in the online environment, such as banner and graphic compositions adapted to the affinity marketing strategy, for fast results. We provide a complete solution, for you to be able to discover the advantages of the online environment for your business.

Online, we make everything possible!

webefektiv-Web Design


A presentation website is already a must for any serious business. Online advertising, social media advertising (Facebook, LinkedIN, Google Plus etc.), Google AdWords campaigns or remarketing campaigns are all based on the existence of a website. Thus, we can say that a presentation website is an essential development tool.
At Web Efektiv we create presentation websites that stand out through their unique design, in perfect harmony with the business philosophy they represent. All the websites we design comprise only elements that are an integral part of the brand identity in all the other advertising media.
Moreover, our productions contain elements that make the brand stand out: namely unique elements meant to place the websites designed by Web Efektiv ahead of competition.


We have an extensive experience in online shops hosted on various platforms: Open Cart, Magento, Presta Shop and others. All the virtual shops created by Web Efektiv have a customized design, fully tailored to the client’s needs and we pride ourselves in never using predefined themes.
We offer product photo sessions, aimed at presenting the products in the online shops we design, or even product videos that we create using specialized professional pieces of equipment.
Often times we not only create the online shop, but we also take care of its administration, meaning inserting products and creating product descriptions.