Nowadays, any successful business must use the potential provided by social media advertising. Online social networks are valuable opportunities that help your business develop and they have an inviting offer, as they represent an adequate area for advertising campaigns.

Social medias make available to you a clearly defined target audience that we select depending on your scope of activity. We provide information, we continuously promote and increase the engagement of your audience by constant, real time connection with your clients. Web Efektiv offers the complete solution that helps your business become much more present and visual in the online universe. We create complex promotional campaigns, starting from inspired and attractive taglines that put special emphasis on socialization. Thus, we make available an online space in which your products or services can be discussed about and we create step by step a complex networking system around your brand.

Social media promotion is useful in awareness, remarketing, aggressive advertising or viral marketing campaigns. We help you achieve a long-lasting development and to expand your brand by using digital communications that stand out from the crowd, accompanied by powerful messages. We follow up and demonstrate the efficiency of the campaigns by means of reports that provide direct results and long term branding. We also put at your service a dedicated team of inspired, intuitive and well informed copywriters, who deliver real, interesting content for your social media audience through posts, slogans, advertorials, complete campaigns and descriptive texts.

And we do not stop here! We continuously innovate and improve the copywriting quality by implementing virals and advanced video technology, for you to always be one step ahead, closer to your clients and partners.


We design campaigns for Facebook and LinkedIN, we provide all the graphic elements and the posting schedule, as well as complete campaign management. We send out exact reports regarding the evolution of the campaign and its effects.


Youtube is a video content distribution platform, which connects and informs people from all around the globe. Thus, we can say that Youtube makes available an entire social network based on video content. Web Efektiv offers you the entire range of advantages derived from video promotion and we create Youtube campaigns so that other persons could gain access to your productions. Implicitly, this generates brand awareness and brand recognition.


The combination of production services for a superior advertising effect is one of the success solutions implemented by Web Efektiv. Viral videos are those video productions that, due to their special topic, attract free of charge shares and help promote brand awareness. In the case of social media advertising, viral productions are of utmost importance.
We ensure complete production for virals, starting from concept, storyboard, video shooting, video editing and social media distribution.