At Web Efektiv we use photography to shape and generate exposure for the newly created brands or for the brands that are in process of running development or brand support campaigns.
The basic principles on which we built Web Efektiv are: creativity, professionalism and efficiency. Professional photo sessions help us to visually expose in a professional, creative and efficient manner our clients’ products or services in online, social media or print promotion campaigns.

Before actually starting the photo session, we clearly define the advertising message you wish to convey. As a full service advertising agency, we take into account since the beginning the advertising products in which we intend to use the photos that will be taken. The purpose is to create unique, personalized images, with direct effects towards the potential buyer.
We carefully study and establish the framing, lighting, dominant chromatics and digital post-processing style of the captured images. We only use professional instruments, as they can guarantee outstanding results, also from the technical point of view.

Advertising photography, of any type, must attract first of all by communicating elements that, at the next stage, must generate the impulse to buy a product or, for services, the action of contracting that service. Briefly, it must generate conversions.

Each photo session organized by Web Efektiv clearly highlights the image of our clients to their target audience, in a clear, efficient and professional manner. Any photography that communicates a promotional message can be considered an advertising photography, but at Web Efektiv we structure the following categories: product photography, location photography, thematic photography, event photography.

webefektiv-Professional Digital Photography


A successful product photography “talks” about that product. Actually, the main purpose of a product photo session is to communicate, underline and emphasize certain product characteristics.

Thus, the quality of the image, as well as the setup and the environment in which the product is photographed are of the utmost importance. Web Efektiv permanently innovates with respect to the manner in which our clients’ products are displayed. We go beyond classic methods and we enhance products by means of memorable, special photos.

We take professional product photos in our studios but, often times, we try to “bring the studio” to the client’s location. In this way we manage to catch the real atmosphere in which the product is presented to its target audience.

The quality of the image is essential for product photos. Digital post-processing of photos must be carried out professionally, in order to ensure an efficient presentation and to make the most of your product.


Thematic advertising photography is the most creative part of the photographic production branded Web Efektiv. It refers mostly to photo sessions aimed at emphasizing a commercial aspect of the advertised object. Thematic advertising photography represents the ideal manner to visually support offers, promotions, but also to associate clients’ products or services with out of ordinary visual elements, aimed at increasing awareness and notoriety. In these cases, digital post-processing is usually extremely important. We regularly use digital graphics and post-processing in order to support or even to increase the impact.

For each client separately we develop personalized thematic photo sessions. We organize photo sessions that go well with the autumn season, for example, or with a specific holiday. The chosen themes are well analyzed, to ensure a correct promotion, and they generate the success of a unique, expressive and authentic photo session.


When building a brand image, the location presentation photos have various advantages, depending on the specific business.

For example, in the case of a restaurant or cafeteria, they render that specific atmosphere for an increased attractiveness; in the case of a residential neighborhood, they help to visually express dimensions, annexes and facilities provided by houses or apartments; in the case of a factory, for example, they help describe the production process. Examples are numerous and from all fields, but the most important aspect is to be able to capture the essential message that must be conveyed.

At Web Efektiv we focus on the advantages that we can bring to our clients’ businesses. We analyze them, we assess the most efficient ways to use location photo sessions and then, based on all these considerations, we carry out the actual photo session. We always make sure that our photos emphasize the most important aspects and present the location, with all its real advantages.


One of the efficiency principles implemented by Web Efektiv is the simultaneous promotion in various media. Event photography is particularly aimed at providing content for online promotion, for social media and for newsletters. The presentation of any type of events – to which the brand participates or that our clients organize – helps us build and develop content. It is important for a brand to continuously communicate via the online identification elements, such as website, social media, newsletters.

At Web Efektiv we support our clients’ activity, step by step. Whether they expand their service portfolio, inaugurate a new location, present new products or organize a theme party, we are close to them. We take photos during all these events and we transform them into powerful and authentic communication campaigns that we implement in the online, social media, printed and e-mail marketing. Thus, our clients get one step closer to their own customers, naturally and successfully.