During the image campaigns conducted by Web Efektiv we pay special attention to the visual unity of a brand. More exactly, for a better identification by the target, the brand image must be implemented in a unitary fashion in the online environment, in video productions and particularly in printed productions.

We provide professional designs for all the elements necessary to the brand image in printed media: logos, business cards, letterheads, document binders, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, catalogues, street and roll-up banners. We create the brand identity or we successfully implement an already created identity in up to date, professional productions that have a unique design, specially conceived and executed for a specific brand.

An important element in the support and development of a brand image is the participation to fairs and exhibitions. Web Efektiv provides design for fair stands, as well as auxiliary productions for participating to fairs and exhibitions. Such productions are: presentation videos or animated collages composed of photographs, to be displayed on plasma screens/projectors inside the stand, product presentation catalogues, service description brochures, as well as advertising flyers.

webefektiv-Design for Print


Web Efektiv provides a complete brand identity. Starting from the concepts that define the brand, we create logos in vectorial format and we set up the visual identity manual. The visual identity manual contains all the directions related to the implementation of the logo in online, video, photo or printed productions. Also within the visual identity package we create the basic elements of a print campaign: business cards, letterheads, document binders, planners or ballpoint pens.


The printed catalogue is a must have for any brand that wishes to inspire seriousness and to present their products in a trust-building manner. Relevant studies have shown that sales agents who have a product catalogue available manage to better convince their clientele.
The advantages of the catalogue are the following:
• visual presentation of all the products
• the buyer’s ability to obtain thorough information about each product characteristic
• a brand image that inspires seriousness and quality
We create catalogues, as well as professional product photos that can be displayed in the catalogue.


Web Efektiv supports the brand image and its development by creating graphic elements to be used for promotional purposes during fairs and exhibitions.
We provide: exhibition stand design, roll-ups, product catalogues, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, video presentations, professional photos for event presentation, video shooting and video editing during the event.